Who we really are is Sustainable

AmWiner Raphe Holdings is a diversity minority black woman owned FDA-registered, and the state of TX licensed manufacturing laboratory located in Dallas TX, providing private label and contract manufacturing of sustainable low carbon footprint over-the-counter drug products, Clean Beauty skincare, analgesics, hair care, and personal care products. We operate a full women clothing manufacturing industry in the mid-west region of Texas.

Our ingredients and raw materials are organic sourced from suppliers that respect the environment and biodiversity. Our health and beauty brand include high-quality branded and private-label non-prescription health and beauty products, manufactured under high standard GMP protocols with no child or minor labor utilized, respecting the normal working hours and international labor conventions.

Our packaging materials are locally manufactured from recycled materials and are recyclable in cooperation with local communities respecting each lifestyle.

We privately label a large range of dermatological products for the effective management of acne, pigmentations, Cold Flu, Contraceptives, Ora solid and Liquid OTC dosages, and natural hair loss treatments sold under retail store brand names. Our products are FDA registered, WERCS-OSHA-certified, and compliant with California Prop-65

We believe in protecting the planet, animal and plant kingdom is the hope of tomorrow’s generation and hold this ethics dearly by creating products made to last with zero waste and zero animal cruelty. Our products preserve the quality of the soil, water, air and avoid pollution, deforestation, and depletion of human and natural resources.