Hotels-Investors & Company Store Buyers

AmWiner has worked successfully with retail store chain buyers for 25 years creating and developing unique customized brands of men and women clothing, sports wears, Genuine cow-hide and horse leather handbags, hotel bedding and accessories. We welcome Macy`s buyers, Nordstrom, Niemanmarcus, Dillards, Belk, Forever 21 and all other high end store buyers with special pricing and high quality materials guarantee. We support all return garments from retail store customers. Golf clothing suppliers for Sporting Goods and Academy Sports get free UV sport accessories with any order.

AmWiner offers everything you need to start, grow and succeed in the fashion business world.  

We Finance every sale order of any amount, projects, clothing or fashion franchise store with unbeatable payment options. Zero down payment and low monthly payment pre-qualified at check out, same options available to boutique wholesale buyers and private brand name companies.  This gives you peace of mind, so you concentrate on marketing and growing your business.