Investors & Corporate Buyers

Are you looking for a booming business to start as entrepreneur, or need financial success and stability operating a new business? AmWiner offers everything you need to start, grow and succeed in the fashion business world.  

We Finance every sale order of any amount, projects, clothing or fashion franchise store with unbeatable payment options. Zero down payment and low monthly payment pre-qualified at check out, same options available to boutique wholesale buyers and private brand name companies.  This gives you peace of mind, so you concentrate on marketing and growing your business.

AmWiner offers specialized garment and linen construction services to investor buyers, corporate and retail store buyers. These are personalized garment branding services comes with every apparel customized, designed and constructed to suite with brand name and logos embroidered, printed or embossed.

We provide fashion updates for every season new fashion trending and future forecast fashion styles. We have successfully built team of fashion consultants in 23 countries researching new fashion trends on monthly basis. This concept helps us provide up to date fashion trend information to clothing companies and investor buyers.  

AmWiner yarn and fabric cells are infused with specialty UV 55+ protection technology that helps protect the skin from sun damage and prolong the durability of the garments. Our materials are wrinkle and fade resistant, guarantee to remain the same year-in-year-out when used as directed on the care instruction panel.  Our cotton materials are organically grown cotton from Salvador, hypo-allergenic with temperature regulated system that auto-adjust to weather conditions, help keep the skin moist and comfortable all seasons. This benefit limits the need of having to buy so many garments only to toss them away after such season.

Our handbags are made in Milano Italy by Rapheeze, from genuine saffiano, cowhide and horse leather. Comes with 100% quality all year. Each handbag designs are available in custom sized and patterns.

Investment Protection: AmWiner provide free fabric patterning using the material composition of our buyer`s choice. We create any fabric designs and pattern from scratch with team of professional designers working tirelessly in formulating a unique specialty yarn composition fabrics just for your brand, not copied or used by any industry. These designs could be patented for your company brand name only if so desired, by so doing limits other companies from using your fabrics design and pattern without permission.

We recall any unsold garments within 5 years of manufacturing if they are out of fashion trend and replace them with new trend at no additional cost to buyers.

We support all 3rd party returns or exchanges, so you relax with confidence knowing your investment is protected.

Minimum Quantity: Our minimum quantity is 400pcs -5000pcs per line, this quantity could be any size from XXS to 5XL or any size, depending on the nature of the material used.

For every 400pcs garments ordered, we supply extra 75pcs garments free of charge as added value to the amount paid. Our Italian Made cowhide and horse leather handbags comes with 3 free handbags for every 300pcs ordered. For every full room hotel bedding or linen services, we furnish, we provide 2 free guest duster or one beach towels free.

Prices: State the price range is between $5 to $55 depending on the nature of fabric material used, quantity produced and weaving or knitting type use in the yarn processes. Fabrics with UV infusion will cost slightly more.

With our domestic construction and distribution facility located in Dallas Texas, we can save our investor buyers custom taxes and duties from international imports. We also match prices with any international garment companies abroad. Our turn around period is less than overseas construction companies and prices unbeatable. We also operate 3 international locations in Mexico, Italy and Japan to serve our international buyers expedited. . Feel free to contact us by phone for price quote at 469-428-5508 or via email at:

  • We will protect the interests of our shareholders.

AmWiner & Raphe Holdings has opened doors to all fashion and retail stores investors of goodwill, as we declare that:
We will do nothing to jeopardize the faith placed in us by our investors. We will act in their best interests at all times. We recognize and respect the trust they have placed in us. Providing high end quality garments has always been our uttermost mission and objective. In the upcoming year, our goal is to feature our clothing line in all departmental stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai and Middle East stores.

AmWiner & Raphe Holdings LLC was founded in 2006, doing business then as Raphe Healthcare Inc providing beauty and cosmetic products and services and maternity garments, bringing together some of the nation’s best-known apparels, with skin product brand of Raphe Pharmaceutique.

  • Corporate Governance

AmWiner is committed to the highest standards of integrity and performance relating to social responsibility. Responsible corporate citizenship is an important part of our company's values, therefore social, economic and environmental considerations are integrated into our purchasing and risk management processes. Incorporating socially responsible principles into our daily business activities generates benefits not only in the present, but also for the future.

Any concerns or questions regarding AmWiner`s financial reporting, internal accounting, auditing matters or other corporate governance issues can be directed to:

The roots of our garments quality stretched back well into the last decade and deep into the fabric of the fashion industry we served. In the years since its founding, Amwiner and its retail divisions have further strengthened their reputations for quality, value and service as well as for the high caliber of associates who work within AmWiner & Raphe Holdings organization.

This is the origin of a tradition of pride, honor and integrity that characterize AmWiner Designers. A tradition rooted in certain basic tenets that govern who we are and how we do business. As AmWiner`s associate, it is important that you know and understand these principles. It also is important that they become an intrinsic part of your approach to day-to-day responsibilities as an associate of this Company.

  • We subscribe to ethical business practices in every facet of our business.
    This principle governs our dealings with customers, with investors, with all members of the public at large, and with one another.
  • We will provide quality and value to our customers in all dealings.
    We will strive to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We will be responsive to our customers and their needs. We will keep the customer at the forefront of all that we are and everything that we do.
  • We will obey all laws.
    This includes the spirit of the law, as well as its letter. We will not tolerate or knowingly condone illegal activities on the part of those who work for us, or with whom we do business. Neither will we, as a Company, knowingly engage in any such activities.
  • We will treat others as we want them to treat us.
    We will be honest, reliable and ethical in our dealings with others. We will be trustworthy, so that our word is effectively our bond. We will not solicit favors. We will not accept or offer bribes.
  • We will respect the rights and property of others.
    We will not cheat, steal, participate in or condone fraud or deceptive practices. We will not improperly use confidential information or property owned by others. We will not knowingly misrepresent ourselves or our intentions in any business dealings. We will protect the privacy rights of our associates, and we will insist that they do likewise.
  • We will be good corporate citizens.
    We will take an active part in the communities where we live and work. We recognize our obligations to give back to those communities that have sustained us over the years, and we will act on that recognition. We will encourage all AmWiner`s. associates to do likewise.