About Us

AmWiner fabric and apparel manufacturing company designs and construct quality and excellent garment designers; fabrics, and hotel linen manufacturer; in the United States.

We operate full-service manufacturing; and distribution industry; manufacturing sauna garments, compression surgical garments, shapewears for men and women, ethnic garments, government military uniforms and hospital garments.  

Whether it`s a garment that requires precision; and high tolerance; apparel that must be customized; or clinical grade skin and hair care contract manufacturing; our factory is a one stop facility with various departments; professional designers; and compounding chemist that can handle any project with ease.

Our garment styles could be redesigned; according to your imagination or reconstructed with another fabric of your choice. We stock assorted fabric collections to choose from; or rebrand our current stock to your name brand. All products come with consumer satisfaction guaranteed, non-disclosure agreement or money back.

 We offer risk free investment protection assurance; to all our clothing brands, We recall every unsold garments out of trend; replace them with new trend at no additional cost. That way you don`t worry about fluctuations in fashion trend.

Our fabrics are infused with UV 55 protection technology; to protect the skin from sun damage.

Our clothing materials are wrinkle free; and fade resistant; guarantee to remain the same any time; any year, when cared as directed.  The cotton materials are organically grown; hypo-allergenic, with temperature regulated system, that auto-adjust to climate conditions.

Our customized fabrics: products and services, could be patented and licensed to your brand; this prevents others from using your inventions without permission. Offer companies opportunity to customize their fabric to suit any apparel type. We are one stop fabric and apparel manufacturing factory; created for New Age entrepreneur; and business owners; who desires to develop new product brands; or expand their existing collections.