Best Sports Polo T-Shirt for Outdoor Man Slim Fit with Neck Button - Ash Color

Best Sports Polo T-Shirt for Outdoor Man Slim Fit with Neck Button - Ash Color

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What’s more comfortable and timeless than a classic polo? These half-sleeved collared shirts usually have a zipper placket at the neck and are most commonly made from soft knit fabrics or synthetic blends.  Amwinner and Rapheeze present Men's Polo Shirt Golf Sports Long Sleeve T-Shirt Jersey Casual Long Sleeve Tops for sports-loving man. 

Amwinner and Rapheeze garment branding services comes with every apparel customized, designed and constructed to suit with a brand name and logos embroidered, printed or embossed. Our cotton materials are organically grown cotton from Salvador, hypo-allergenic with temperature regulated system that auto-adjust to weather conditions, help keep the skin moist and comfortable all seasons. This benefit limits the need of having to buy so many garments only to toss them away after such season.

  • Heavy Duty Export quality Fabric
  • Very long-lasting and sports freindly
  • Outdoor sports edition with UV protection,
  • Suitable for shooting, exercise, running, walking, fishing, golf, outdoor sports.
  • Tight and comfortable material, expended freely, folding and convenient.
  • Two-way full-zip front, Elastic string at guard, adjustable magic pasted cuffs.
  • UV 55+ protection technology 
  • Available for custom order (Minimum order 400pc)
  • Available in various size and colour, Printed Design or without print.
  • Price Range $17-$29 (Depending on the fabric type and quality)
  • Minimum Quantity: Our minimum quantity is 400pcs -5000pcs per line, this quantity could be any size from XXS to 5XL or any size, depending on the nature of the material used.

We support all return garments from retail store customers at no charge. Golf clothing suppliers for Sporting Goods and Academy Sports get free UV sport accessories with any branded order. Contact us for details 469-428-5508

For every 400pcs garments ordered, we supply extra 75pcs garments free of charge as an added value to the amount paid. Our Italian Made cowhide and horse leather handbags come with 3 free handbags for every 300pcs ordered. For every full room hotel bedding or linen services, we furnish, we provide 2 free guest duster or one beach towels free.

Prices: State the price range is between $5 to $55 depending on the nature of fabric material used, quantity produced and weaving or knitting type used in the yarn processes. Fabrics with UV infusion will cost slightly more. State to contact us for pricing

Investment Protection: AmWiner provides free fabric patterning using the material composition of your choice. We create any fabric designs and pattern from scratch with a team of professional designers working tirelessly in formulating a unique speciality yarn composition fabric just for your brand, not copied or used by any industry. These designs could be patented for your company brand name only if so desired, by so doing limits other companies from using your fabrics design and pattern without permission. We recall any unsold garments within 5 years of manufacturing if they are out of fashion trend and replace them with a new trend at no additional cost to buyers. We support all 3rd party returns or exchanges, so you relax with confidence knowing your investment is protected.